Yes, you can!

The community was created for improve your English. Even if you think you do not…
Yes, you can! 21 июля, 16:24

Why don't we practice?))

Well, girls, hello again! Yesterday, we got this nice post , with plenty of necessary things.

So, I thought, we could practice using in and on and at when speaking about time. Also, here we can improve our skills in Present Simple (facts and usual actions) and Present Continuous (present actions or our PLANS for nearest future).

Thus - would be interesting to know what each of us (or our close people- let's gossip a bit))) does (do)

-IN the mornings,

- or ON Friday evenings when the working week is over;

Yes, you can! 20 июля, 23:42

Английский в таблицах Полиглота.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​как быстрая напоминалка. Can не упоминала, так как есть в отдельной теме

Таблица времен simple

Yes, you can! 20 июля, 08:58

You are buуing a flat.....

Hello, girls! Happy SATURDAY (at least I seem to be right))) ! So, such a situation:

you're going to buy a flat. You like it - but would like to know something about the neighbours: what people they are, if they make parties or complain that you walk too loudly and prevent them from watching TV, or maybe they have awful dogs, or they are nice and pleasant people etc.

HOW would you find out such things? Share your ideas - or much better your experience!


Yes, you can! 19 июля, 15:09


Модальне дієслово Can, як і всі інші модальні дієслова, є дієсловом недостатнім, а тому не має всіх звичайних форм для дієслова. Can використовується лише у двох формах: власне, can у теперішньому часі та could у минулому часі або в умовному способі.

Can на українську мову перекладається як “могти” та передає значення можливості виконання тієї чи іншої дії.

Форми модального дієслова Can

Теперішній час

I can (can’t, cannot)

Yes, you can! 19 июля, 07:21

A nice sunny day-off has started!!

Hello, girls! What are you going to do on this beautiful summer Saturday? Share you plans, please, or tell us what you have already done))

For me, it's going to be an absolutely free day, and I'm going to do some apricot jam and have breakfast and go for a walk with my daughter, and then let her rest a but and work on my laptop.

Now, as long as it's a half-lazy day for me, I'm going to sleep more))) See you!!!…

Yes, you can! 18 июля, 11:36

Happy to see everyone here!!))

Hello, girls, at last this group started existing, great thanks to Ann!!!