Пісні+кросворди і завдання "Super Songs and Activities"(рівень 1 і 2)

Стартовая цена - 100 грн.

Шаг ставки - 5 грн.

Блиц-цена - 200 грн.

Состояние - новое

До обох книжок додається CD-ROM.

Автор: Gill Mackie

Год: 2002

Переплёт: Мягкая обложка

Формат: 280x210

Количество страниц: 32

Songs by David Allan and Tessa Clark.

Издательство: New editions

Описание: Based on a collection of songs which can be used with any young learners course. In addition to the lyrics of the songs, this pack contains fun activities which improve the students` understanding of the grammar and vocabulary used in the songs.

Super Songs and Activities contains:

Puzzles with picture clues;

Matching activities;


Join the dots;



Spot the difference;

Drawing and coloring activities;

Simple crafts which can be done in class.


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