Why don't we practice?))

Well, girls, hello again! Yesterday, we got this nice post , with plenty of necessary things.

So, I thought, we could practice using in and on and at when speaking about time. Also, here we can improve our skills in Present Simple (facts and usual actions) and Present Continuous (present actions or our PLANS for nearest future).

Thus - would be interesting to know what each of us (or our close people- let's gossip a bit))) does (do)

-IN the mornings,

- or ON Friday evenings when the working week is over;

- or AT weekends - IN summer and IN winter

and also, what we all are doing (are going to do)

- NEXT Tuesday (Sunday, Wednesday...) , next summer, next year...

- or IN a week (in three days, in a year, in five years)....

When you have questions, you may ask, for sure. ;)

Темы: vocabulary

2 комментария

  • OlgaTau 21 июля, 16:28

    Ok, let's start with me...
    In the mornings, I usually get up earlier than the kids and husband. I go to the bathroom and then use the rest of my personal morning time to apply some cream on my face and to work a bit. Then, I wake my daughter (or ahe wakes up by herself), and the real day starts)) My son sleeps until quite a late time when he's on holidays.

  • OlgaTau 21 июля, 16:31

    Next Saturday I'm planning to go to see a movie. The movie is going to be in the very evening, and there's going to be a small company of people I know and get on well. The film is going to be either very popular or that noone has seen so far - we're choosing it when all the company gathers.

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