A nice sunny day-off has started!!

Hello, girls! What are you going to do on this beautiful summer Saturday? Share you plans, please, or tell us what you have already done))

For me, it's going to be an absolutely free day, and I'm going to do some apricot jam and have breakfast and go for a walk with my daughter, and then let her rest a but and work on my laptop.

Now, as long as it's a half-lazy day for me, I'm going to sleep more))) See you!!!

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  • AnnaB 19 июля, 08:44

    I`m going to sleep all day, but this will not happen.

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 12:27

    "isn't going to happen", probably - as "will" we use when decide or find something out suddenly, and "going to" - when know for sure))
    My sleep didn't happen, either)) Instead, I went to FB to read lots of interesting things:-)

  • AnnaB 19 июля, 13:18 1

    O! Thank you!

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 14:25

    welcome)) good I can see my own mistakes, too, did you see them below?)))

  • Freekee 19 июля, 11:39 1

    But it's Friday))).
    I'm going to pack my bag on "dachia" weekend

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  • Olga_Gri 20 июля, 00:10

    Cottage house in a countryside, maybe this sounds good

  • Zzrzz 20 июля, 00:10

    How to "pofig" English? - Whatever

  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:38

    It is good, too, of course)

  • Gali4ka 19 июля, 15:25

    Tomorrow I will go to meet my classmates. I didn't see some of them for a long time. I' am waiting so much:dancer:

  • Katyaizsym 19 июля, 15:29

    This beautiful summer Saturday I am going to celebrate my birthday with my family and my friends)

  • elenapodolskaya 19 июля, 21:53

    Happy birthday!!!

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 22:30

    Happy Birthday and best wishes!!

  • Katyaizsym 19 июля, 23:01

    Oh! Thank you very much)

  • Ircha 19 июля, 16:30 3

    что вы все пишите понимаю, но самой написать увы(((

  • GlamKid 19 июля, 19:17

    Its a pity:blush:

  • GlamKid 19 июля, 19:16

    What does it mean "and then let her rest a but"?

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  • GlamKid 19 июля, 21:28 1

    I thought about it too, but text can be changed.

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 22:31

    GlamKid, I was mistaken, sorry, my "a but" must have been " a bit" )) shit happens ...))

  • Nicebaby 19 июля, 22:56

    It's OK)

  • GlamKid 19 июля, 19:17

    Im planing to work on this weekend.

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  • GlamKid 20 июля, 08:01

    Im working today at my main job.

  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:40

    I see; I rhought it would be a diferent one - like about the house or going somewhere. Have a great working day then !

  • GlamKid 20 июля, 10:11


  • Tanya_mama 19 июля, 19:55

    "and go for a walk with my daughter, and then let her rest a but and work on my laptop" - maybe you wanted to say "rest a bit"?))))
    And my day... I spent my day on the beach swimming in the sea and sunbathing ;)

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  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:42

    Wow... Have you visited the relatives these years? I had a friend there, and she showed us plenty of places in town, and due to her we became like local citizens there)))

  • Freekee 20 июля, 08:52

    Unfortunately not this year, kids to small for bad border.

  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:59

    I see...

  • elenapodolskaya 19 июля, 21:58

    We'll,sure I am going to sleep in half an hour. What have we done...?
    Cooking, riding the bike, cleaning.. nothing interesting

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 22:39

    Wow, such a rich day, great for you! I'm not going to sleep so far, I need to work a bit.

  • Olga_Gri 19 июля, 23:06

    Im gonna work whole morning tomorrow. After this Im planning to visit a lingerieshop. Then we go to see motocross with some drinks and food with my husband. He got free tickets:grin:

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  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:43

    Google translate isn't always reliable) It is some small drinks before the main course... as far as I understood, Olga's main course wasn't food ;)

  • Olga_Gri 20 июля, 15:55

  • Olga_Gri 20 июля, 15:57

    Sorry for twisted photo. This is aperol, u can have a shot, or mix it with champagne/sparkling water/ice cubes. I believe its italian aperitive drunk. By me its always welcome, before food, aftee food:grin:

  • yulcha01 19 июля, 23:18

    I'm going to spend tomorrow Saturday on the datcha. Must come husband's parents and we will grill the meat.

  • Olga_Gri 19 июля, 23:30

    Grilled meat sounds delicious!

  • yulcha01 19 июля, 23:39

    Oh, yes :yum:
    But on Sunday we going to visit my friend's datcha, and we will grill the meat again :joy:, but yet we will swim in the river. There is no river near our own datcha, we only have a pool

  • Olga_Gri 20 июля, 00:11

    Pool is nice as well and river is awesome. Have a nice time! Enjoy yourself!

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