Happy to see everyone here!!))

Hello, girls, at last this group started existing, great thanks to Ann!!!

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  • AnnaB 18 июля, 11:46

    Hello! I`m glad to see you)

  • OlgaTau 18 июля, 16:35

    Thanks, me too! Wow, I/m a co-boss here now?)))

  • AnnaB 19 июля, 14:57

    Yes) I need help)
    Even though I wrote it correctly?

  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:45

    Ok, we'll help each other)))
    Seems like everything 's correct)

  • Krissi 18 июля, 13:33

    Hello everyone!

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  • Krissi 19 июля, 15:02

    Probably put)

  • Olga_Gri 19 июля, 16:10

    It reminded me of a song. "The morning I wake up, before I put my makeup, I say a little prayer for you"))

  • OlgaTau 20 июля, 08:47

    you can say "do my make-up" also)

  • ONikSandra 18 июля, 23:11 2

    Hello! Glad to be able to understand your conversation! ( However last word from dictionary :)))

  • florrys 19 июля, 02:14

    It is a good opportunity to study new words:wink:

  • ONikSandra 19 июля, 12:10

    No doubt))

  • OksanaX 19 июля, 00:39 3

    Hello! It's a great idea to create such group. Have a pleasant communication!

  • florrys 19 июля, 02:15

    So have you!

  • Freekee 19 июля, 11:31

    I don't know how i am getting here, but I'm glad to see community like this on kashalot.
    I don't know english well, because i don't use it anywhere.

  • ONikSandra 19 июля, 12:13

    So am I. I cant remembering than I use it last time)

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 12:51

    Freekee , you're doing well, and that's great we can exchange ideas and impressions in English, as well!

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 12:53

    ONikSandra, we're all here to improve our skills, and it would be wonderful if you created a post with an idea for a conversation here

  • yulcha01 19 июля, 11:41

    Hi! I'm glad to read you, girls :grinning: Thank you for creating this community :rose:

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 12:53

    Hi here! )

  • InSel 19 июля, 14:19

    Wow, we have long needed such a topic!!!
    Hello, girls))))

  • OlgaTau 19 июля, 14:24

    Hello!! that's true, so if you have what to talk about, make a post! ))

  • InSel 19 июля, 14:53

    OlgaTau, ))) I trust to make it to the admin)))

  • florrys 21 июля, 14:13

    Why do you keep silent?

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  • AnnaB 21 июля, 20:04

    I'm I'll.
    I have a toothache

  • florrys 21 июля, 20:07

    It is a pity!

  • OlgaTau 21 июля, 21:26

    florrys, what are you sick and tired of? Such a beautiful sunny day - what's wrong?..)

  • florrys 21 июля, 16:38

    Terrible! I"ll have a birthday party this week. That's why I decided to do a big cleaning up:upside_down::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • OlgaTau 21 июля, 21:26

    Ohh, I see.... Are many friends coming to your party?

  • florrys 22 июля, 00:15

    Yes, I'll have 2 days of celebration, for relatives and for friends at our cottage house as I have an anniversary))

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